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Welcome to my own little exit on the Information Super Highway!

My name is Thomas Harwick. I am a twenty nine year old writer, poet, musician/songwriter bla bla bla… You can read all of that stuff in my bio if you are so compelled. Let’s talk about writing, and what you can find on this site. I have been writing ever since I was a wee little lad, and I have come to love writing in just about any form. Because of this you will find a nice variety of writing here on my site, with hopefully much more to come. I have some of my songs on here, as well stories in some different genres, and soon I hope to get a sample of my screenwriting up soon. Currently I am preparing for the re-release of my first book “Sons of Heaven: The Haunted” on Amazon; but rest assured that I will not only add more stories, but also post more of existing stories such as my zombie detective series Cemetery Spade.

This past year has been a very busy one for me. Besides the promotion of my first novel, and working on the next installment in that series, I have also taken on several challenges that have helped me grow as a writer. Among the many hats I’ve worn this year were Editor, Publisher, and Screenwriter! This website has been a little forsaken, but I hope to have updates for you on all of my many projects soon.

Anyway welcome to the warped recesses of my mind. Poke around and see what you find!

– Thomas


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